An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin

How to Pitch to Investors

Preparing your business for investment and learning how to pitch to investors is a critical skill that every entrepreneur must master. Whether your company is conceptual or growing, learning how to convey your business to potential investors is critically important for its growth and long-term success


Intellectual Property

IP is often something that many entrepreneurs either put too much value in or not enough. This workshop will provide both investors and entrepreneurs with an explanation of the current best practices and thinking about IP and the patent process.


Perfecting the Nonprofit

Changing approaches to funding and philanthropy, and a more crowded than ever nonprofit sector is creating a need for strategic thinking and bigger and bolder visions. This conference will teach nonprofit executives and development directors to think less like a charity and more like a business. 


Angel Investing

Building a startup ecosystem is all the rage within economic development circles. This has created a strong desire for educational resources for professionals interested in building a community to retain or attract startups and investors. This workshop will provide economic developers with the knowledge needed to understand why a successful ecosystem starts with educating its investor base BEFORE you incubate and accelerate startups.


Tax Implications

While discussing taxes is never exciting, this workshop takes an important deep dive into the tax implications for entrepreneurs, investors, and the early stage company.

Executing the Exit

This comprehensive workshop provides the knowledge and resources to maximize the probability of a successful exit, ensuring the price is fair, the terms are reasonable and the outcome is optimum for the team and the investors. This is always a topic investors inquire about, so it's crucial to have a plan in place.


The Startup Boardroom

Having a strong board of directors for a startup can often make or break an early stage company. This workshop will teach entrepreneurs and investors the important issues around structuring a board, governance, financials, communication, leadership, and strategy.


Capitalization Tables

Entrepreneurs need to understand how funding will impact the ultimate outcome for all shareholders. Likewise, early stage investors need to be fluent in the structures of cap tables to understand the impact on their potential returns from current and future rounds of funding.


Term Sheets and Valuations

It is important for the goals of angel investors and entrepreneurs to be aligned. This starts with an understanding of the methodologies used in valuing early stage companies. Additionally, entrepreneurs and investors need to understand the various terms and conditions used in these types of investments, which are outlined in the Term Sheet. And believe it or not, you don't need an advanced legal degree to navigate these waters. 



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