VentureSouth Summit 2018

In December, Venture Carolina and VentureSouth invite you to five events as part of the VentureSouth 2018 Summit


How to Pitch (12/5 at 10AM)

Thinking of raising capital to grow your business? If so, this is the workshop for you.

Join the Managing Directors of VentureSouth, the largest angel investor group in the southeast, based right here in Greenville as we explore how to raise capital. We will cover:

  • how to find sources of capital relevant to you

  • how to impress them with an exceptional pitch

  • what obvious - and not-so-obvious - pitfalls to avoid

  • and concrete tips on content, slide decks, presentation delivery, and process best practices to wow your audience and secure funding.

Admission includes a free copy of VentureSouth's e-book "Perfecting Your Pitch: 101 Tips for Pitching to Angel Investors"

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Preparing for DUE DILIGENCE (12/5 at 1:30PM)

Before you can raise capital, you will have to go through “due diligence”. This Venture Carolina workshop is for anyone interested in navigating the “due diligence” path.

Join the Managing Directors of VentureSouth as we explore our due diligence process. We will cover:

  • what we expect of companies moving through the process

  • what subjects we analyze and how

  • how we decide whether or not to invest

  • and how our process is similar to, and differs from, other sources of capital you might approach.

Even if you don't plan to pitch to VentureSouth, this workshop will arm you with tools and tips to help persuade any investor to support your business.



Entrepreneurs face many challenges when raising capital for their companies. One crucial but sometimes overlooked detail is the impact of new funding on the company’s capital structure.

Whether funding comes as equity or debt, the savvy entrepreneur needs to understand how it will impact the ultimate outcome for all shareholders – and so needs a deep understanding of the mathematics of capitalization tables.

The Venture Carolina Cap Table Workshop is our flagship educational event. It offers entrepreneurs and investors a practical education in understanding the details of cap tables through the lifecycle of a startup venture. It includes a combination of presentations, exercises and a case study to illustrate common cap table mathematics. Among the topics covered are the impacts of: valuation, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution terms, convertible notes, and option pools & vesting.

The seminar is hosted by Venture Carolina and run by Matt Dunbar, Managing Director of VentureSouth, Board member of the Angel Capital Association, and nationally-renowned early stage company educator.

Don't worry - there will be food and lots of breaks!



Businesses need to make sales.

Join two experts in the sales process to learn about how to sell.

8am: Vince Beese at Sales @ Scale will teach us about How to Close Your First Deals

9am: Brad Milner, Managing Partner of Sales & Marketing at Tech CXO, will teach us about the Best Practices in Pipeline Management


Planning and TAXES FOR ENTREPRENEURS (12/6 at 10:00AM)

Join two experts who will cover planning and tax issues that entrepreneurs need to know.

10am: Join Ben Glenn of Bauknight, Pietras and Stormer and Paul Clark of VentureSouth as we review the key tax issues entrepreneurs need to know

11am: Join Beau Shuler and the team at Alliance Wealth Partners (Raymond James) to learn about wealth planning for entrepreneurs. Make sure you receive all the benefits of your entrepreneurial success!